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Spectrum received a three year accreditation of its programs in May 2009.

Respect, Optimism & Innovation in the Community
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This is our old website.  You can visit our new website at  If there is something on this site that you can't find on the new site, let me know and we'll add it to the new site. 

Spectrum Press Launch!
Spectrum Press is a new division of Spectrum Society, which has supported people with disabilities for nearly 25 years. We have a new motto; “Express yourself. Build your network. Find your voice.” Spectrum Press is part of this idea of self-expression, listening, and network building through supporting those who honour these voices, or through the facilitation of their voices.

Spectrum Press website
 Community Living Services are:

...a range of supports provided to people with disabilities, enabling them to live as full citizens in the community:

Residential Services - places for people to live as independently as possible, with assistance provided by staff or live-in caregivers as required.

Community Inclusion Services - support for people to be engaged in their community in meaningful ways, including paid or volunteer work, continuing education, and recreation.

Shared Living - an alternative to staffed residential services.  People are matched with caregivers (families, couples or singles) who want to share their homes and their lives with someone with a disability.

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